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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 25, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> this is a special edition of "bbc world as america." reporting outside buckingham palace in london. standing side by side and giving the world a taste of a special bond between u.s. and britain. president obama vows they will rise to the challenges ahead. >> of the alliance will remain indispensable. it will be more peaceful, more prosperous, more just. >> making her own impression on the u.k., first lady michelle obama reconnect with some lucky students in the hope of finding them once again. >> devastating storms ravaged america opposing midwest. after the deadliest single tornado, the look for any
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survivors. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. it is called a special relationship and on his state visit to the united kingdom, president barack obama showed that the alliance is alive and well. the president and british prime minister addressed all the major issues that confront both nations. it was up to parliament where they became the first u.s. president to seek -- he welcomed her majesty as a tenor who of the american ambassador to london. you can see that barack obama and his wife has seen amazing dresses. they have just returned to
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buckingham palace. they said their foreman goodbyes to each other and the formal part of this visit is all concluded. and mr. the coverage tonight. >> in beverly is the prime minister cooking a burger and the president serving one up. this is the data that he went out of this will prove that he gets on with david and his country has not forgotten how much it needs hours. even joked about the typical london weather. the traditional soldiers are a reminder that the relationship, whatever it is called is forged by war. >> president obama and prime minister cameron presented themselves very different from the wartime partnership between bush and blair. today they are talking about how
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not to lose an old war in afghanistan and a new one in libya. >> of the talks focused on how soon they can safely get troops out of afghanistan and how they can secure victory in libya without sending troops in. it was david cameron who led an barack obama the considered and hesitated a. more than two months on, they are still in power. >> we should be turning up the heat in libya. i believe the pressure is on that regime this incredible set -- i believe we should be turning up the pressure. and we'll be looking at all the options for turning up the pressure. >> he stressed to the limits of what could be achieved given their decision. but how they would not invade. >> there will not be a lot of
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and the pressure that we are applying. once you rule out ground forces, there are going to be some inherent limitations. >> from there, he progressed to parliament to become the first ever u.s. president to speak in westminster hall where after hundreds of years, monarchs have been honored or lay in state. >> the former prime ministers lined up to hail a man that declared that when the countries should lead the world, the time is not over. >> they will be better if other people's children and grandchildren are more prosperous and more free. on the beaches of normandy to the balkans -- >>. states are encouraged to breed
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democracy. >> we transition to afghan leaders. during this transition, we will pursue a lasting peace for those that break free. >> this was an optimistic speech that presented america as an example to the world. >> is possible for parts to change. it is possible for the sons and daughters of former colonies to sit here as members of this great parliament. and for the grandson of a canyon that served as a cut in the british army, he stands before you as president of the united states. >> there was never any doubt the britain was in love with obama. he sought to end the doubt about whether he likes us. >> at the end of his speech, it
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took president obama 25 minutes to extricate himself because so many people wanted to shake his hand. >> have these two men, and david and barack playing ping-pong together, causing burghers together, is this love, actually. for the gloveng and actually moment during the press conference, and it seemed very cordial. and david cameron said, if you work hard, you could have the promise of a better life and sounded almost american. it is a sensibility a think that barack obama would have appreciated. there is a feeling during this visit that the men get on very well. i am told that david cameron is a foreign leader that barack obama seeks to evoke on a whole
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range of issues. the field that britain has fulfilled this role of taking the lead on a major foreign- policy issue that has allowed america to take a little step back. >> present obama is much more cautious than his predecessor was and david cameron seems to be. >> there were tensions, if you look very carefully. and certainly when it comes to libya, you're right. he has been out there in front and still pressing for tougher actions against the colonel. it is not something that you know the american public would like to see. hair very set -- fed up with war. there is no pulling value for president obama in being involved in libya as well. but they really looked to make this trip an affirmation of the fact that america's values,
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great britain, the value the alliance with britain to do important things in the world. >> [inaudible] perhaps royalty and the president and his wife -- >> of the queen has gone to bed. >> amongst the many issues, we have had to handle that very tricky relationship with pakistan. david cameron says it was time to work more closely and then turned away. there are so many questions about whether u.s. aid is really having the impact intended. >> since pakistan joined the war on terror, america -- when he
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was found here, and there were those in washington that stayed -- that said that aid had this thought. it goes to civil projects as well. >> ideal growing conditions ferment goes, these have a few weeks to go before they are harvested. it is a very traditional pakistan trade. >> funding has gone into creating ties. they spent money on other projects in the area to. it will help provide electricity for thousands more people. most say they don't want it to.
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a country with so many problems as this man, they kill our people and we don't accept their money. >> we win hearts and minds. we like to have more favorable pakistan perceptions of the u.s.. that is not the main reason why we are here. we're here to promote development, stability, and to make this deal less susceptible to tendencies. >> u.s. attacks against suspected militants, the cooperation with the u.s. is the thing that is fuelling the extremism. >> we are being paid. i have ever seen such anti-
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american sentiment. the majority of people feel like we're being used in someone else's war and we are being destroyed by it. >> there are tens of thousands of militants in this country. cooperation is just one thing that is being reassessed as both countries scramble around for fresh ideas about how to end the problem. >> the reports of security forces, hundreds of people have been reserved. 40 people have been killed. it is the same time the embattled president continues to cling to power claiming that al qaeda stepped up attacks said his country.
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thus the demand he's done. the latest demonstrations, after they refused at the last minute to sign a deal agreeing to go. >> many of these protesters did not like that idea either. with no immunity from prosecution. they were not leaving the country -- leading the country to civil war. this time there has been attacks on public buildings. the opponents of gaining control of the news agency and the national airlines. the president was as cold as he has been throughout this prolonged crisis. speaking to the media, he seems to be rejecting the effort led by yemen's herem neighbors. this, he insisted was an
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internal crisis to be solved. they should engage in dialogue and the solution is in their hands. with the upsurge in violence, they have been fleeing their homes, taking with them what they can. the prolonged and violent crisis continues with still no clear end in sight. >> egypt is in the border crossing with the strip permanently on saturday. the crossing is the only way in and out. it would be a major shift in policy for egypt. they helped.
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they are mentally incompetent to stand trial. he will now be moved to a federal facility. >> neighboring more suffering to america's midwest. they killed at least 13 people and complicating rescue efforts. after a massive twister ripped through the town, the search for survivors continues. >> a bit of an understatement. this is why they sometimes call
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tornadoes the finger of god. >> this is beautiful. >> you may beg to differ. storm chasers with their taste for danger might sound overexcited, but if it weren't for them, [unintelligible] after all of the sound and fury, this is what is left in oklahoma. a landscape disfigured. and after one storm alone, the dead. not nearly as bad as in joplin, missouri. the weekend storm twisting 200 miles an hour and killing 222 and counting. this is the agonizingly.
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>> have a refrigerator is what i had to pull off of my baby. >> it wasn't caused by a car bomb, but the terrorism of intense wind. they are deciding if the building can be saved or not. this is already the worst in half of the century. this kind of weather is full of surprises. a wedding dress still laid out perfectly on the bed, the house of around it was obliterated. >> the couple was away on honeymoon. >> still to come, [unintelligible] after 25 years, and oprah winfrey signs off of the show that made her a huge global success.
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in egypt, cutting edge technology may have unearthed a long-lost pyramids. 17 possible structures are among the buildings identified. now have more than 1002 rooms and in june settlements were also revealed by looking at infrared images that can detect underground buildings. this is the dream as everyone in our field. -- impose a lost city. here is our science reporter. >> the pyramids of egypt. they continued to fascinate thousands of years after their construction. much of this great civilization still lies beneath the desert. the science of the space-age is being used to cut through the sand. they are using satellites and infrared imaging and even
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undiscovered periods. these are terrible -- pyramids. they reveal a vast network of buildings and streets. actual excavations are confirming the technique works. >> it is exciting for me as an archeologist because we have here a very detailed of brickwork. it is something that validate if the satellite work. >> imaging from space is pointing to possibly to undone pyramids at the important burial site. they have ordered the test excavations to find out what really lies beneath. much digging will need to be done to confirm the presence of all that is being protected from space. they are shedding new light on the ancient worlds.
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>> there are no words to match this moment. that is not oprah winfrey immodestly described reading the audience. after 25 years, the queen of daytime talk is bidding farewell to the program but of her high worldwide fame and untold riches. during millions of years every weekday, is a legacy that will forever changed the face. an annulment of intimacy and watched by millions. >> something with me connected with each of you and away the allows me to see myself in you. and you and me. this last hour is really about
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me saying thank you. it is my love letter to you. >> the stars have come out whole 24 hours earlier to celebrate the immense vacating of the throne. the view of mother the millions. >> her departure leaves a huge hole in the lives of millions of americans. >> she is a big part of american >> she has shown people and the united states that if you really work hard, you can accomplish anything. >> she was born into the blood in poverty of the deep south and will become a billionaire megastore. >> destiny called in 1986, this was the first nationally televised show. she appeared alongside to
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illustrate her dramatic weight loss. >> your family is here. >> if there is a heart string to cut, over a cup. hers and there's together. >> every woman, man and child that watched the show intimated decision had a thought about changing something in their life. >> she even give away cars to her studio audience. unashamed extravagance, compelling television. hand in her own words, this is how it ended. >> hall won't say goodbye, allowed just say until we meet again. >> speaking of high-powered women that will, michelle obama
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has her own special touch and was on full display appear in she has more on how the activities. >> should almost seemed to steal the show l of those fabulous dresses she was wearing another one here tonight. of the president was busy today, his wife had her own schedule that included a visit to oxford. along with the university to work, a group of teenagers, once again, the first lady drew on her own personal experiences and a source of inspiration. >> the first lady is as much of a star brought as her husband. the audience here may not be as big or as grand, but formal show, it is just as important. >> i want to recognize.
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>> it may not seem that way on the surface, but she sees herself in these girls. >> i felt a strong sense of connection with all of you because in your stories, i saw so much of my own story. i know that i wanted to visit with all of you in a place like this. look around. just look at this. all of us to believe you belong here. that this is a place for you as well. >> the messages about dreaming big and in the high as she did. and being echoed comments he is right up there. >> the most appalling thing to me is raising strong women and raising my daughters well because that is what my mother did for me. i push my girls, but more importantly, i love them a lot.
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that is what i feel for all of you. i want you guys to feel that in their lives so that you can be excellent. >> that was almost time to say goodbye. >> she often pointed to her own humble origins growing up on the south side of chicago as the perfect example of how regardless of background, higher achievement is possible. she inspired many young people with a single comment. it is cool to be smart. >> the second meeting with the first lady. >> more exciting now because being in oxford, [unintelligible] >> she wants the girls to have more than just a day trip. harassment by her face. >> mission accomplished.
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>> that almost seems as of britain has received an intravenous injection of the american dream courtesy of obama. >> it does seem like that. president obama came here with one mission, to show that america still loves them. it is not just a special relationship, it is a super special essential relationship and i think that message was heard loud and clear. >> just like our relationship, thank you very much indeed. that brings us to the end of tonight's's very special essential broadcast. you can find constant updates on our web site. so find them. for me in washington, thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> hello and welcome.
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